Black Snake Light Duty Kevlar® Y Strops

The Y Strop uses Kevlar® to achieve a unique and lightweight alternative to 2 leg chain or wire rope sling configurations. It is an excellent towing fixture due to its ease of use and safe handling. The light duty Y Strops are an ideal permanent addition for small to medium skid-mounted power generators, transformers, de-watering pumps, tool and equipment boxes.

The Y strop is also suitable for light vehicle towing and recovery with twin point connections, common to farm, military and small to medium mine vehicles.
The Kevlar® core and thick rubber cover make the Y strop perfect for snow, sand and muddy conditions. The Kevlar® Y Strop is UV stabilised, waterproof and can be used underwater as a tie-down or mooring strop.

LD Kevlar Strop Spec Drawing
Y Strop KEVLAR® Dimensions (mm) Break Strength¹ 10t Break Strength¹ 20t
1 metre length Leg=0.5m Body=0.5m Spread (max)=0.4m Weight 6kg Weight 7kg
2 metre length Leg=1m Body=1m Spread (max)=0.8m 8kg 12kg
3 metre length Leg=1.5m Body=1.5m Spread (max)=1.2m 9kg 14kg
4 metre length Leg=2m Body=2m Spread (max)=1.6m 10kg 15kg
6 metre length Leg=3m Body=3m Spread (max)=2.5m 11kg 23kg
10 metre length Leg=4m Body=6m Spread (max)=3.4m 14kg 33kg
Maximum GVW² Severely bogged vehicle³ 6 tonne 13 tonne
Leg Thimble Size AS1138 22mm 28mm
Head Thimble Size AS1138 28mm 36mm
Recommended Coupling Leg S grade shackle pin 4.7t-8.5t Super shackle pin 7t-12.5t Coupling link 13mm, 16mm S grade shackle pin 6.5t-12t Super shackle pin 9.5t-18t Coupling link 18/20mm
Recommended Coupling Head S grade shackle pin 6.5t-12t Super shackle pin 9.5t-18t Coupling link 18/20mm S grade shackle pin 12t-25t Super shackle pin 18t-40t Coupling link 22mm
  1. Break strength is the applied load at which the Y Strop fails
  2. Maximum GVW is the maximum recommended gross vehicle weight of a severely bogged vehicle for a specified Y Strop
  3. Severely bogged vehicle is judged as resting on its axles or chassis. Resistance force is 75% of vehicle weight. Applicable for skid mounted equipment.
    Strop weights are approximate and are subject to change without notice.

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