Black Snake Short Kevlar® Recovery Strops

Recovery in underground longwall operations, mining vehicles and skid mounted equipment

The endless, parallel lay configuration of KEVLAR® fibres around the steel eyes is perfect for the construction of very short, high strength strops. Two leg systems using Black Snake KEVLAR® recovery strops have been used extensively in the underground coal (typically Longwall) operations throughout Australia. The lightweight and rugged construction suit the harsh, dirty conditions underground and the low elongation of the KEVLAR® and damping qualities of the rubber cover ensure low recoil in the event of over-loading the strop.

Break Strength¹ 10 tonne 20 tonne 30 tonne 50 tonne 70 tonne 100 tonne 150 tonne 200 tonne 300 tonne
500mm length 2kg 4kg 4kg 4kg 7kg N/A N/A N/A N/A
1 metre length 3kg 3.5kg 3.5kg 4kg 7kg 15kg Request N/A N/A
1.5 metre length 3kg 5kg 5kg 6kg 8kg 17kg 17kg Request Request
2 metre length 4kg 6kg 6kg 7kg 10kg 19kg 19kg 23kg 32kg
3 metre length 4kg 8kg 8kg 9kg 12kg 23kg 23kg 27kg 37kg
Maximum GVW² Severely bogged vehicle³ 6 tonne 13 tonne 20 tonne 33 tonne 46 tonne 67 tonne 100 tonne 130 tonne 200 tonne
EYE TYPE A.S. 1138 Thimble size Or Round Eye Thimble 22mm Thimble 28mm 30t Round eye Thimble 32mm request Round eye Thimble 36mm request 70t Round eye 100t Round eye 150t Round eye 200t Round eye 300t Round eye
Recommended coupling S grade shackle pin 4.7t-8.5t Super shackle pin 9.5t S grade shackle pin 6.5t-12t Super shackle pin 12.5t-15t S grade shackle pin 8.5t-17t Super shackle pin 12.5t-18t S grade shackle pin 12t-25t Super shackle pin 18t-30t S grade shackle pin 17t-35t Super shackle pin 21t-40t S grade shackle pin 25t-55t Super shackle pin 40t-85t S grade shackle pin 35t-55t Super shackle pin 40t-85t S grade shackle pin 42t-55t Super shackle pin 55t-85t shackle pin 55t-85t Super shackle pin 85t-120t
Coupling link 13mm 16mm Coupling link 18/20mm Coupling link 18/20mm Coupling link 22mm Coupling link 26mm Coupling link 32mm N/A N/A N/A
  1. Break strength is the applied load at which the recovery strop fails
  2. Maximum GVW is the maximum recommended gross vehicle weight of a severely bogged vehicle for a given tow strop
  3. Severely bogged vehicle is judged as resting on its axles or chassis. The vehicle is being dragged with no rolling of the wheels. Resistance force is 75% of vehicle weight. Weights of strops are approximate and are subject to change without notice.

*All attachments, shackles, hooks must have a greater minimum break strength than the recovery strop

Break Strength denotes the applied load at which the Recovery Strop fails. (i.e.: 50 tonne (f) =490.5kN applied force)

Nominal length refers to the measured length of the strop taken from inside each eyelet.


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