CRSN8Forklift Container Ramp(WLL) 8.0T

The CRSN8 Forklift Container Ramp is designed for fast positioning and removal in confined spaces.


  • Suits level ground applications where container access in confined spaces required

  • 1.8m ramp length allowing easy placement and removal of pallets in a container

  • Raised side plates prevent forklift from driving off the side of ramp

  • Fitted with pockets each side, plus flip-up front tine pockets allowing placement in confined spaces

  • Safety chains ensure a safe connection to the container while in use

  • Reinforced underside to eliminate steel fatigue

  • Enamel paint finish

Model Working Load Limit (WLL) Dimensions Unit Weight
CRSN8 8000kg 1800 x 2320 410kg
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