FLPSLong Product Carrier

The FLPS Long Product Carrier is designed to lift and transport long products around the workplace. Its unique design incorporates 2-way fork access allowing the forklift to reposition the load longways when required to get through narrow doorways and in confined spaces.


  • Suitable for transporting long products through narrow doorways
  • 2-way fork pocket entry
  • Ratchet strap loadbinder supplied to secure load
  • Slip-on attachment and fork locking pins allow quick connection to a forklift
  • Available in 2 sizes to suit load capacity
  • Designed by East West Engineering and certified to relevant Australian standards
  • Enamel paint finish
Warning Symbol

For forklift stability, the maximum working load limit should not exceed 10% of the forklift truck capacity

Model Working Load Limit (WLL) Length (mm) Width (mm) Fork Pocket Size Fork Pocket Centres Unit Weight (kg)
FLPS2518 250 1880 1115 130 x 55 852 110
FLPS5018 500 1890 1175 155 x 60 877 130
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