FWP25Forklift Work Platform

The FWP25 Forklift Work Platform is designed for forklift use to safely carry out tasks of short duration and occasional usage, such as maintenance. This safety cage is suitable for up to two people and is manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2359.1.


  •  Single panel sides for extra strength and ease of assembly
  • Self-closing inward opening gate with bow latch
  • Two floor mounted harness anchor points
  • Removable tool tray for safe placement of tools
  • Supplied with fork locking pins to safely secure cage to forklift
  • Zinc finish Supplied flatpack (FWP25) for on-site assembly or fully assembled (FWP25A). 
Warning Symbol

** Please note the use of this work platform on a forklift truck should not be considered if the capacity of that forklift is less than 1800kg for a counterbalanced type or 1080kg for a straddle type Forklift.**

Model Working Load Limit (WLL) Load Centre Unit Weight Fork Pocket Size Fork Pocket Centres
FWP25 250kg 600mm 110kg 160 x 60mm 640mm
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