BELWLINQ Supreme Edi Tower Worker Harness-StandardH402 cw Harness Bag (NBHAR)

  • Pebble Weave Webbing design provides maximum grip for buckles, eliminating webbing slippage and the need for continual re-adjustment.
  • Liqui-Pel Technology for liquid protection, also easier to clean the harness.
  • High Tenacity UV stabilised webbing, enhances resistance to solvents and UV light degradation.
  • Retro-Reflective Thread in webbing for improved visibility in low light.
    Rear Barr D allows easier access and better weight distribution for twin retractable fall arrest devices.
  • Closed Loop Webbing system on rear Dorsal Barr D maintains positioning of Dorsal D in the event of a fall. Significantly reducing the risk of injury from hardware hitting the back of workers head.
  • Extended Belay Loops make connection of hardware easier, also maintains absolute front and centre positioning as per AS/NZS requirements.
  • Sub Pelvic Strap integration along the line of Belay Loops, places the worker away from hardware in the event of a fall, significantly reducing the risk of injury from hardware hitting the worker.
  • Articulated Chest Strap and shoulder adjustment points, designed for additional user comfort and female users, due to lower positioning of strap.
  • Air COOL Padded Shoulder Straps for increased comfort and increased air flow during long periods of use.
  • Padded Sub Pelvic Seat for Pole Strap restraint High Comfort spec.
  • Large Pole Strap Side Loops for ease of connecting Pole Strap (work positioning).
  • Adjustable Waist Belt with tool loop attachments.
  • Quick Release Buckles. Padding under buckles.
  • Forward placed pole strap attachment points makes for easier to reach connection.
  • Service Pouch on back.
  • Comes with Harness Bag PART CODE: NBHAR.
  • Available in Sizes: Small (S) / Standard (M-L) / Maxi (XL-2XL)
Webbing Material: Polyester; 45mm; UV Resilient; Liqui-pel water guard option as standard
Buckle Material: Corrosion resistant electrophoresis; high tensile lightweight alloy steel
Thread: Polyester; 9.81 Newtons (10kg); Extension at break 19.5%
Stitch Pattern: THETA Pattern combines 313 stitches to exceed 28kN of strength. AS/NZ compliant colour contrast
Plastic Material: UV stabilised high density polyethylene
Weight: 2.45kg
Web Tenacity: Range: Min 28kN - Max 30kN
Drop Forged D Rings: Alloy Steel (standard): 40kN
Buckle Strength: 12 to 17kN model dependent; Laser etched or hard marked on buckle
Padding Material: Neoprene laminate

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