BELWPro-2G Analogue Davit 50015

The BTS PRO-2G Analogue Series Davit

is a portable davit arm that can be used with a Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) to provide fall protection. Can also be used as an abseil (rope access) diversion anchor. Height 2.10m and an offset reach of 1.20m.

Compatible with permanent davit bases from the Pro-2 range, this modular system enables you to select davits, bases, brackets and other accessories to build your own customised unit suitable for your application.


  • Rotates full 360 degrees.
  • Man & Material Rated to 136Kg
  • Offset reach 1.20m.
  • Custom off set and heights available.
  • Compatible with permanent davit bases.
  • Stand-by person anchor point via winch interface bracket
  • Manufactured & Tested to AS/NZS5532-2013


Ultimate Strength Rating: 18kN
Capacity: Maximum number of users: Max. 1 worker weighing not more than 136kg each.*
Allowable MAF Rating for SRL's: 4kN

PRO-2G Analogue Davit

Part No. Model Description Reach (m) Height (m) Winch/Anchor
50015 PRO-2G Analogue Series Davit c/w winch interface bracket assembly 1.20 2.10 Rear Mount

PRO-2G Davit Accessories

Part No. Model Description
60174 Quick Release Double Sided Universal Male Interface Bracket
60202UG Quick Release Universal Male Single Interface Bracket
60202UF Female Single Pro-3G Uni Interface Davit Winch Bracket
60202UI IKAR PRO-3G Davit Bracket c/w Female Single Interface Brackets
60002 BTECH Man / Materials Rated Winch 18, 30, 45, 60, 76 & 90m wire rope
HRA-12TA, HRA-18TA HRA-24TA IKAR Recovery Winch 12, 18 or 24 metre
40003B BTECH Storage/Carry Bag

Compatible Davit Bases

Portable Davit Bases

Part No. Model Description
30093 PRO-2 & 3 Series Hitch mount base
30071 PRO-2 & 3 Series Plus Hitch mount base
30073 PRO-2 & 3 Series Counterweight base
30165 PRO-2 & 3 Series I-Beam Clamp-On Sleeve (90mm - 280mm)
30029 PRO-2 & 3 Series Barrel Mount Base Adjustable Throat (30mm - 620mm)
30166R PRO-2 & 3 Series Barrel Mount Base Adjustable Throat (20mm - 205mm)
30168S PRO-2 & 3 Series Sheet Piling Mount Base Adjustable Throat (0mm - 25mm)

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