BELWConcrete Anchor Points21kN

Concrete Anchor Points

The Concrete Anchor Points from BTS are a cost effective solution for working on concrete structures.


  •  M16 Stainless steel 316 threaded anchor bolt & eye
  • Chemical adhesive securing to concrete (Not included)
  • 360° swivel eye eliminating the twisting of ancillary static lines and lanyards
  • Enlarged swivel eye capable of accommodating main PPE providers
  • Architecturally inconspicuous


Ultimate Strength Rating: 21kN
Capacity: Maximum number of users: Max. 2 workers weighing not more than 141kg each.
Allowable MAF Rating for SRL's: 4kN

Concrete anchor points

Part No. Description To Suit
BTS 163 S/S 316 Safety Anchor Concrete Low Profile 21kN Concrete structures

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