ALR CompactMini Lever Block250kg x 1.5m

ALR Compact Mini Lever Block designed for small to medium size lifting and pulling applications. The design combines quality, strength and compact design into one

Complies to AS1418.2

  • 250 kg (0.25 tonne) Capacity
  • Code: MLB02515 – 250 kg x 1.5m
  • Light weight robust construction
  • ALR short arm lever and the gear ratio allows minimum effort to raise maximum load
  • Load chain is G100 heat treated and calibrated for durability
  • Sealed gear & brake covers
  • Top & Bottom hook bearing for ease of load rotation
  • Each Lever Block is supplied with test certificate and operation manuals
  • Cast latches as standard for added life
  • The ALR Industrial Lever Blocks are manufactured to AS1418.2
  • 1.5m  lift standard
  • Spare parts available

Suitable for use in:

  • Ultimate tool for service vehicles
  • Confined work spaces
  • Construction of all types
  • Industrial applications
  • Mechanical
  • Engineering
Capacity (tonnes) 0.25
Product Code MLB02515
No. of Falls 1
Diameter of Load Chain (mm) 4
Pull to Rated Load (N) 210
Proof Load (kN) 4.9
Standard Lift (m) 1.5
Net Weight (kg) 1.5
Dimensions (mm) a 87
b 68
c 21
d 145
h 200

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