BELW G80 Eye Sling Hookwith Safety Latch

80 lifting components are manufactured from heat treated alloy steel and are ideal for heavy lifting applications. Quality testing in done throughout the manufacturing process. These components also carry distinguishing marks for easy identification.

Product code Chain Size WLL e b h d1 d2 g Approx Weight
OKN-06 6mm 1.1t 75mm 71.3mm 19mm 20mm 10mm 23.5mm 0.244kg
OKN-08 7-8mm 2t 111mm 82mm 23mm 23mm 11mm 30mm 0.4kg
OKN-10 10mm 3.2t 120mm 109.5mm 31mm 38mm 15mm 34mm 0.9kg
OKN-13 13mm 5.3t 152mm 146.5mm 44.5mm 43mm 19mm 39mm 2.35kg
OKN-16 16mm 8t 184mm 154mm 44mm 50mm 23mm 49mm 3.2kg
OKN-20 20mm 12.5t 219mm 198mm 58.5mm 62mm 24mm 48mm 5.8kg
OKN-22 22mm 15t 271mm 259mm 75.5mm 62mm 32mm 71mm 8.5kg
OKN-26 26mm 21.2t 279mm 262.8mm 80.5mm 64mm 35mm 81mm 13kg
OKN-32 32mm 31.5t 373mm 355mm 88mm 88mm 37mm 102mm 17kg
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