BELW G80 Recessed Enlarged Master Link Oblong

Grade 80 lifting components are manufactured from heat treated alloy steel and are ideal for heavy lifting applications. This master link is designed for both 1 & 2 leg chain sling configurations. Quality testing in done throughout the manufacturing process. These components also carry distinguishing marks for easy identification.

Product Code 1 Leg Chain Size 2 Leg Chain Size WLL S R F T Approx Weight
O-86-8 8mm 7mm 2.7t 15.5mm 120mm 70mm 7mm 0.44kg
O-108-8 10mm 8mm 3.5t 18mm 140mm 80mm 7mm 0.67kg
O-1310-8 13mm 10mm 5.5t 22.5mm 160mm 95mm 11mm 1.52kg
O-1613-8 16mm 13mm 9.4t 29mm 190mm 110mm 13mm 2.65kg
O-2016-8 20mm 16mm 14.2t 35mm 230mm 130mm 16mm 4.48kg
O-2220-8 22mm 20mm 22.3t 42mm 275mm 150mm 22mm 7.49kg
O-2622-8 26mm 22mm 33.5t 50mm 340mm 180mm 28mm 12.83kg
O-3226-8 32mm 26mm 40.8t 55mm 350mm 190mm 30mm 16.56kg
O-3632-8 36mm 32mm 56.8t 62mm 400mm 200mm 36mm 31.02kg
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