BELW G80 (T) Alloy Lifting ChainSelf Colour

Grade 80 (T) chain is manufactured from heat treated alloy steel and is ideal for heavy duty lifting applications. It meets AS 2321, and is high strength, rugged, versatile, and low-weight. Load rated: 6-32mm. Quality testing in done throughout the manufacturing process. This chain also carries markings in accordance with Australian standards, and is stamped at intervals of 50cm alongs its entire length for easy identification.

Product code Nominal Size WLL S R F Finish m/100kg
C80-06 6mm 1.1t 6mm 18mm 22.2mm Self Colour 115m/100kg
C80-07 7mm 1.5t 7mm 21mm 25.9mm Self Colour 90m/100kg
C80-08 8mm 2t 8mm 24mm 29.6mm Self Colour 71m/100kg
C80-10 10mm 3.2t 10mm 30mm 37mm Self Colour 45m/100kg
C80-13 13mm 5.3t 13mm 39mm 48.1mm Self Colour 26m/100kg
C80-16 16mm 8t 16mm 48mm 59.2mm Self Colour 17m/100kg
C80-20 20mm 12.5t 20mm 60mm 74mm Self Colour 11m/100kg
C80-22 22mm 15t 22mm 66mm 81.4mm Self Colour 9m/100kg
C80-26 26mm 21.2t 26mm 78mm 96.2mm Self Colour 6m/100kg
C80-32 32mm 31.5t 32mm 96mm 118mm Self Colour 4m/100kg
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