BELW G100Lifting Chain

These grade 10 high-duty chains are manufactured according to EN 818‑2 with mechanical values for G10/PAS 1061. Further they are BG-approved and are ideal for the assembly of chain slings and lashing chains as well as for lifting and transporting loads.
The permitted operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to + 380 °C

The standard surface is blue and the chains are available in dimensions from 5 to 32 mm. For more information, please refer to the full operating manual.

Product code Nominal Size WLL S R Finish m/100kg
C10006 6mm 1.4t 6mm 18mm 21.6mm Painted 104m/100kg
C10008 8mm 2.5t 8mm 24mm 28.8mm Painted 64m/100kg
C10010 10mm 4t 10mm 30mm 36mm Painted 40m/100kg
C10013 13mm 6.7t 13mm 39mm 46.8mm Painted 24m/100kg
C10016 16mm 10t 16mm 48mm 57.6mm Painted 15.9m/100kg
C10020 20mm 16t 20mm 62mm 70.5mm Painted 11.2m/100kg
C10022 22mm 19t 22mm 66mm 79.2mm Painted 8.2m/100kg
C10026 26mm 26.5t 26mm 78mm 94.1mm Painted 6.18m/100kg
C10032 32mm 40t 32mm 96mm 107mm Painted 4.15m/100kg
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