BELWLifting Collared Eyebolts Metric Threads BS 4278

BELW lifting eyebolts and eyenuts come in a range of threads, including BSW, UNC, and Metric, and are predominately used for lifting applications. This eyebolt complies to AS 2317.

Product Code Thread Size WLL Transverse Load Tonne Finish Weight Thread Size W H1 H2 D1 D2 D3 D4
359008 8mm 0.15t 0.04 Zinc Dichromate 0.06kg 8mm 33mm 18mm 36mm 15mm 8mm 18mm 22mm
359010 10mm 0.25t 0.06 Zinc Dichromate 0.06kg 10mm 33mm 18mm 36mm 15mm 10mm 18mm 22mm
359012 12mm 0.4t 0.1 Zinc Dichromate 0.06kg 12mm 33mm 18mm 36mm 15mm 12mm 18mm 22mm
359016 16mm 0.8t 0.2 Zinc Dichromate 0.15kg 16mm 44mm 23mm 48mm 20mm 16mm 24mm 29mm
359020 20mm 1.2t 0.3 Zinc Dichromate 0.38kg 20mm 59mm 32mm 65mm 27mm 20mm 32mm 40mm
359022 22mm 1.5t 0.37 Zinc Dichromate 0.54kg 22mm 64mm 35mm 73mm 30mm 22mm 34mm 45mm
359024 24mm 2.5t 0.62 Zinc Dichromate 0.85kg 24mm 77mm 40mm 84mm 35mm 24mm 42mm 52mm
359030 30mm 4t 1 Zinc Dichromate 1.62kg 30mm 96mm 51mm 106mm 44mm 30mm 52mm 65mm

It is recommended that all eyebolts used for lifting be of forged steel, and be equipped with shoulders, or collars. The plain or shouderless eyebolt is fine for vertical loading but as soon as it is loaded at an angle it is subjected to bending and the load it can safely carry is reduced.

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