BELWShouldered EyeboltsMetric

BELW lifting eyebolts and eyenuts come in a range of threads, including BSW, UNC, and Metric, and are predominately used for lifting applications. This eyebolt complies to AS 2317.

Product Code Thread Size WLL Transverse Load Tonne Finish Weight Thread Size W H1 H2 D1 D2 D3 D4
359108 8mm 0.14t 0.03 Zinc Dichromate 0.06kg 8mm 36mm 13mm 36mm 20mm 8mm 8mm 20mm
359110 10mm 0.23t 0.06 Zinc Dichromate 0.11kg 10mm 45mm 17mm 45mm 25mm 10mm 10mm 25mm
359112 12mm 0.34t 0.08 Zinc Dichromate 0.18kg 12mm 54mm 20.5mm 52mm 30mm 12mm 12mm 30mm
359116 16mm 0.7t 0.17 Zinc Dichromate 0.28kg 16mm 63mm 27mm 61mm 35mm 16mm 14mm 35mm
359120 20mm 1.2t 0.3 Zinc Dichromate 0.45kg 20mm 72mm 30mm 70mm 40mm 20mm 16mm 40mm
359122 22mm 1.5t 0.37 Zinc Dichromate 0.67kg 22mm 81mm 35mm 80mm 45mm 22mm 18mm 45mm
359124 24mm 1.8t 0.45 Zinc Dichromate 0.87kg 24mm 90mm 36mm 90mm 50mm 24mm 20mm 50mm
359130 30mm 3.6t 0.9 Zinc Dichromate 1.66kg 30mm 108mm 45mm 110mm 60mm 30mm 24mm 65mm
359136 36mm 5.1t 1.3 Zinc Dichromate 2.65kg 36mm 126mm 54mm 130mm 70mm 36mm 28mm 75mm

It is recommended that all eyebolts used for lifting be of forged steel, and be equipped with shoulders, or collars. The plain or shouderless eyebolt is fine for vertical loading but as soon as it is loaded at an angle it is subjected to bending and the load it can safely carry is reduced.

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