BELW Grade 70 Zinc Dichromate Transport Chain(Gold)

 Transport chain is manufactured from heat treated carbon steel in accordance with AS/NZS 4344. Transport chain is primarily used in lashing applications to tie down loads on transport equipment. The yellow zinc dichromate (gold) plating makes it easily recognisable, even from a distance, and is not to be used for lifting.

Product code Nominal Size Lashing Capacity S R F Finish m/100kg
145006 6mm 2.3t 6mm 18.5mm 20mm Zinc Dichromate 125m/100kg
145007 7mm 3t 7mm 22mm 24mm Zinc Dichromate 92m/100kg
145008 8mm 3.8t 8mm 24mm 28mm Zinc Dichromate 70m/100kg
145010 10mm 6t 10mm 30mm 35mm Zinc Dichromate 45m/100kg
145013 13mm 9t 13mm 39mm 45.5mm Zinc Dichromate 26.8m/100kg

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