BELWChain Split Links

BELW Chain split links are available in both electro galvanised and hot dipped galvanised finishes.

Split links are used as a means of joining commercial chain. They can be tack welded after closing if desired. Split links have no rated capacity and should not be used for lifting.

Product Code Thickness Finish Weight
420103 3.5mm Electro Galvanised 0.0041kg
420303 3.5mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 0.0041kg
420105 5mm Electro Galvanised 0.0172kg
420305 5mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 0.0172kg
420106 6mm Electro Galvanised 0.03kg
420306 6mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 0.03kg
420108 8mm Electro Galvanised 0.069kg
420308 8mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 0.069kg
420110 10mm Electro Galvanised 0.12kg
420310 10mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 0.12kg
420113 13mm Electro Galvanised 0.23kg
420313 13mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 0.23kg

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