BELW G304Stainless Steel Eye Boltwith Nut and 2 Washers

BELW stainless steel Bolts are manufactured using Grade 304 stainless steel. his grade of stainless steel is considered to be a standard grade. It has excellent resistance to corrosion, however has some limitations in higher corrosive environments. This fitting is not to be used for lifting.

Product Code Thread Size A B C Grade Weight
618451 5mm 50mm 11mm M5 304 0.01kg
618461 6mm 40mm 13mm M6 304 0.02kg
618462 6mm 80mm 13mm M6 304 0.03kg
618463 6mm 55mm 13mm M6 304 0.02kg
618464 6mm 100mm 13mm M6 304 0.03kg
618481 8mm 80mm 17mm M8 304 0.06kg
618482 8mm 100mm 17mm M8 304 0.06kg
618483 8mm 120mm 17mm M8 304 0.07kg
618493 10mm 120mm 21mm M10 304 0.12kg
618496 12mm 120mm 25mm M12 304 0.17kg

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