BELW G316Stainless Steel Hook and Eye Turnbuckleswith Lock Nuts

BELW  stainless steel turnbuckles are manufactured using Grade 316 stainless steel, which is also know as marine grade stainless steel. This grade of stainless steel has a high corrosion resistance, and is better in harsher corrosive applications, such as salt water environments. It is suitable for food and pharmaceutical processing applications, is commonly used on boats, and in any coastal environment. This fitting is not to be used for lifting.

Product Code Thread Size A B C D E Grade Weight
600404 4mm 110mm 61.5mm 9mm M4mm 8mm 316 0.02kg
600405 5mm 127.5mm 71mm 9.5mm M5mm 10mm 316 0.05kg
600406 6mm 163mm 90.5mm 9mm M6mm 12mm 316 0.08kg
600408 8mm 212mm 122mm 10.3mm M8mm 14mm 316 0.15kg
600410 9mm 259mm 151.5mm 12.5mm M10mm 16mm 316 0.29kg
600412 12mm 321mm 201mm 14mm M12mm 18mm 316 0.59kg
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