BELW CommercialHook & Eye TurnbucklesHot Dipped Galvanised

BELW commercial rigging hardware is intended for use in non-lifting applications, such as guying and rigging of fences, pillars, etc. In order to decrease corrosion against the toughest environments, they are Hot dipped galvanised.

Product Code Thread Size Finish Open Closed A B C D Weight
TBHE-06 6mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 225mm 153mm 99.5mm 9mm 19mm 9mm 0.08kg
TBHE-08 8mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 250mm 161mm 120mm 11mm 22mm 11.5mm 0.14kg
TBHE-10 10mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 330mm 220mm 150mm 14mm 27mm 14.5mm 0.26kg
TBHE-13 13mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 415mm 265mm 191mm 16.5mm 34mm 14.5mm 0.5kg
TBHE-16 16mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 520mm 335mm 250mm 24mm 46.5mm 19mm 1kg
TBHE-20 20mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 595mm 400mm 290mm 27.3mm 53mm 25.5mm 1.68kg
TBHE-22 22mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 700mm 440mm 325mm 31.5mm 66mm 24.5mm 2.46kg
TBHE-25 25mm Hot Dipped Galvanised 720mm 480mm 337mm 32.5mm 67mm 26mm 2.56kg

Size and dimension will have a +/- 10% for hot dipped galvanised commercial turnbuckles.

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