BELWJaw & Jaw Rigging Screws with Lock-nutsto BS 4429.

BELW rated rigging hardware complies with a number of different standards. They are given a working load limit (WLL), and are rated for different applications. BELW range of quality rigging hardware is manufactured from the finest milling techniques, and designed for both heavy industry use and general hardware applications. This jaw and jaw rigging screw complies to BS 4429.

Product Code Thread Size WLL Finish Weight e (Open) e (Closed) L D1 D2 D3 G H
328310 10mm 0.3t Hot Dipped Galvanised 0.44kg 349mm 235mm 152mm 21mm 10mm 8mm 11mm 21mm
328313 13mm 0.5t Hot Dipped Galvanised 0.85kg 524mm 343mm 229mm 25mm 13mm 9mm 19mm 35mm
328316 16mm 0.75t Hot Dipped Galvanised 1.4kg 550mm 361mm 229mm 27mm 16mm 13mm 22mm 51mm
328320 20mm 1.25t Hot Dipped Galvanised 2.2kg 550mm 387mm 229mm 34mm 20mm 16mm 22mm 48mm
328324 24mm 2.5t Hot Dipped Galvanised 4.5kg 822mm 556mm 356mm 42mm 24mm 22mm 32mm 65mm
328333 33mm 5t Hot Dipped Galvanised 6.4kg 872mm 604mm 381mm 51mm 33mm 24mm 38mm 76mm
328338 38mm 6t Hot Dipped Galvanised 12.6kg 949mm 670mm 407mm 57mm 38mm 33mm 47mm 90mm
328350 50mm 10t Hot Dipped Galvanised 24kg 977mm 743mm 407mm 76mm 48mm 42mm 51mm 121mm

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