BELWSnap Hook

BELW Snap Hooks can be used to connect chain in non load rated applications.

  • Used as a temporary way to connect commercial products, and as a light duty hanging device
  • Manufactured with low carbon steel
  • Sizes available from 4mm to 10mm
  • Key hole shaped with a spring loaded catch
  • Electro Galvanise finish
  • Not to be used for lifting
Product Code Thickness Finish Weight
SNPH04 4mm Electro Galvanised 0.014kg
SNPH05 5mm Electro Galvanised 0.016kg
SNPH06 6mm Electro Galvanised 0.027kg
SNPH07 7mm Electro Galvanised 0.044kg
SNPH08 8mm Electro Galvanised 0.065kg
SNPH10 10mm Electro Galvanised 0.127kg

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