BELWSuper Buckles Jaw and Jaw with Lock-nuts

 BELW rated rigging hardware complies with a number of different standards. They ate given a working load limit (WLL), and are rated for different applications. BELW range of quality rigging hardware is manufactured from the finest milling techniques, and designed for both heavy industry use and general hardware applications. This super buckle complies to Federal Spec FF-T-791, and has a forged hot dipped galvanised finish.

Product Code Thread Size WLL Finish Weight e (Open) e (Closed) L D2 D3 G H
322412 1/2" 0.9t Hot Dipped Galvanised 1.09kg 760mm 465mm 343mm 12.4mm 10mm 16.8mm 28.7mm
322416 5/8" 1.5t Hot Dipped Galvanised 1.775kg 795mm 510mm 350mm 15.5mm 12.5mm 19.3mm 35.3mm
322419 3/4" 2.3t Hot Dipped Galvanised 2.98kg 810mm 520mm 359mm 18.9mm 15.9mm 21.6mm 37.9mm
322422 7/8" 3.2t Hot Dipped Galvanised 3.71kg 850mm 560mm 365mm 21.5mm 19.9mm 28.4mm 42.6mm
322425 1" 4.5t Hot Dipped Galvanised 5.965kg 890mm 610mm 374mm 25.5mm 22.1mm 28.4mm 52mm

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