Shackles are used in lifting operations and static systems as removable links to connect (steel) wire rope, chain and other fittings. Screw pin shackles are used mainly for non-permanent  applications. Safety bolt and fixed nut shackles are used for long-term or permanent applications or where the load may slide on the pin causing rotation of the pin. Chainor dee shackles are mainly used on one-leg systems whereas anchor- or bow shackles are mainly used on multi-leg systems

Green Pin® Shackles

Green Pin® is the leading brand for premium quality lifting and lashing equipment including shackles, turnbuckles, hooks and fibre link chain. What makes it the leading brand? Only Green Pin® combines innovative, high-quality products with industry-leading availability and comprehensive, worldwide support. This unique combination means that with Green Pin® products you are always ready to get the job done. You are Green to Go.

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