BELW Grade 50 Stainless SteelScrew Pin Dee Shackleswith Safety Pin

Grade 50 stainless steel lifting components are maufactured from Grade 316 stainless steel and is tested in accordance wtih AS 4797. It is ideal for lifting in environments such as water treatment plants, waste management, and food processing. This shackle has a Dee shape and a screw-pin closing method.

These components also carry distinguishing marks for easy identification.

  • Manufactured to comply to AS 4797.
  • 316 Stainless Steel 
  • Screw Pin with safety Pin
Product Code Size WLL Diameter D W L F Approx Weight
SMSWI6/7 12mm x 13mm 1.25t 12mm 13mm 25mm 40mm 25mm 0.22kg
SMSWI10 16mm x 17mm 2t 16mm 17mm 32mm 60mm 32mm 0.52kg
SMSWI13 13mm x 16mm 3.2t 13mm 16mm 25mm 50mm 32mm 0.35kg
SMSWI16 16mm x 19mm 5t 16mm 19mm 32mm 64mm 38mm 0.55kg
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