BELW CommercialScrew Pin Bow ShacklesHot Dipped Galvanised

Commercial grade large bow shackles have been used in domestic, mining and any other industrial applications.

  • Shaped in a bow pattern, they come with screw pin, made from mild steel material and hot dipped galvanised.
Code Size mm Finish Shape Closing Method Approx Weight Kg W L D d B F
205305 5 Galvanised Bow Screw  0.017 11mm 22mm 7mm 4.5mm 16mm 11mm
205306 6 Galvanised Bow Screw  0.027 13mm 26mm 7mm 5.5mm 20mm 12mm
205308 8 Galvanised Bow Screw  0.060 18mm 31mm 9mm 7.8mm 24mm 16mm
205310 10 Galvanised Bow Screw  0.130 19mm 38mm 11mm 9.8mm 30mm 18mm
205313 13 Galvanised Bow Screw  0.250 29mm 55mm 15mm 13mm 38mm 26mm
205316 16 Galvanised Bow Screw  0.600 33mm 58mm 18mm 15.5mm 45mm 29mm
205320 20 Galvanised Bow Screw  1.100 39mm 76mm 22mm 19mm 56mm 33mm
205325 25 Galvanised Bow Screw  2.000 50mm 96mm 27mm 24mm 76mm 45mm

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