BELWSnatch Block with Hook Headto AS/NZS 2089

BELW manually operated snatch blocks with Hook head

 are popular in the mining, construction, off shore rigging and heavy duty lifting applications. Normally used with wire rope hoists and winches during temporary applications.

  • Made from hi-tensile steel body and cast steel sheave.
  • Fully machined sheave
  • Fitted with ball bearings (2-50T) and brass bush bearings (2T).
  • Fitted with grease nipples for ease of maintenance.
  • Drop forged, heat treated swivel eye.
  • Forged steel eye is designed to avoid twisting of unit during operation
  • Easy opening mechanism ensures a fast change of wire rope while block is suspended.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 2089.

Steel Wire Rope References:

  • 6x25Fi+IWRC or 6x36S+IWRC 1770 wire rope is recommended.
  • Diameter of the rope can be reduced by using higher tensile rope.
  • Check wire rope MBS and load rating of equipment before operation


WLL (T) Code Sheave DIA (mm) Wire Rope DIA (mm) Unit Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
4 140504 152 10-13 14.0 430 160 70
8 140508 203 16-18 16.5 550 210 93

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