BELWConcrete Pipe LifterSpade Type

The spade type concrete pipe lifter is designed to safely handle concrete, steel and cast pipe sections or similar by an overhead crane.

Easy to attach by inserting into the lifting hole of the pipe.

  • Complies to AS4991
  • Complete with Grade “S” bow shackle, Head ring and locking bar
  • 8 tonne Capacity
  • Individually serial numbered with test certificates
  • Spare parts are available
Product Code W.L.L. Dimmensions (mm) Net Weight
tonnes A B C D E F G H I J K L M Kg
8 303 30 40 73 188 580 1720 1205 245 270 55 85 10 *8.8

* includes Spade, lifter lug, shackle and head ring

Pipe Lifter Spade Type Specification Drawing
Pipe Lifter Spade Type Application Drawing
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