SRL & Recovery Winches

IKAR SRL & Recovery Winches

For the last 41 years IKAR GmbH has been at the forefront of its field in the development of height safety devices.

In 2003 IKAR GmbH has successfully completed the horizontal field test for height safety devices with a self-retractable lanyard from steel wire rope Ø 4.8 mm.

In 2005 IKAR GmbH not only successfully completed horizontal field tests with a self-retractable webbing lanyard, but also developed an energy absorbing element within the lanyard,that reduces the impact force which affects the worker and the anchorage point to less than 3kN in the event of a fall.

In order to further increase the safety of our users in 2010 we certified and had licensed a height safety device which protects the worker with forces of less than 3 kN when working in a mobile elevated working platform.

Our experience in the field of developing and using height safety devices has shown that the current standards are not sufficient to en-sure the safety of users of double height safety devices. The next big challenge for Europe and the world are the additional tests for double height safety devices to increase the safety of the users. The IKAR double height safety devices already passed these additional tests today. 

We will further collaborate in this field in order to increase the safety-related status of personal fall protection equipment for the maximum safety and protection of our users.

IKAR height safety device technology – one step ahead of safety.

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LINQ Self Retracting Lifelines

The LINQ self-retracting lifeline (SRL) range is engineered for extreme workplace situations. Boasting Compliance with AS/NZS1891.3 §1.6, the range has been developed to be durable and efficient anchored lifelines.

LINQ self-retracting lifelines (SRL’s) extend and retract automatically, allowing the user to operate within the recommended work area permitted by the AS/NZS Standard. The lifeline maintains tension which clears the work zone of any loose and dangerous excess webbing. In the event of a fall, a brake activates, arresting the fall and reducing the impact of the fall.

Multiple options are available from 2m up to 30m to suit almost any situation working at heights.

All LINQ self-retracting lifelines are supplied with a limited lifetime warranty. In the unlikely event that you discover defects in either workmanship or materials, LINQ will repair or replace the product at our discretion, for no charge; a compatible LINQ product may be substituted in the event yourself retracting lifeline model is no longer available.

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