IKARSelf Retracting Lifelinewith Self Rescue

Complies to EN 360:2002 & AS/NZS 1891.3

The IKAR Self Retracting Lifeline with Self Rescue is ideal for applications where rescue is required to reduce the opportunity of suspension trauma occurring in a suspended person. 

In the event of a fall these HAS models have, internal brakes that activate the same as a traditional SRL but in the event of a fall the unit arrests the falling person and once the person’s fall is completely arrested the Self Rescue Unit automatically starts extending the steel wire rope line and lowers the person down to the ground or other suitable landing.

Housing: Aluminium
Lifeline: Galvanized steel or VA-Rope lifeline as specified below


  • Normal load 136kg
  • Normal load (only HAS-30) 100kg
  • Proof load EN 341 170kg
  • Static proof load 1496 20kN
  • Maximum descent speed 0.5m/s
  • Steel rope Ø 4.8mm
  • Certified for 1 person
  • Aluminium housing

Explanation for the device names:
H = Height Safety Device
S = Galvanized steel lifeline
B = Webbing Lifeline
P = Plastic housing
Number = Length of the retractable connecting element

HPS 12 means: Height Safety Device, plastic housing and steel rope, length of the steel rope 12 m

Sharp Edge Indicator

IKAR Fall Protection Devices function in any location position and have been certified in a simulated fall trial over an edge, CNB/P/ 11.060 2008 sharp edge type A

Height Safety Devices are available with CSA Z259.2.2-98 and ANSI/ASSE Z359.14-2014/LE certification

Part No. Cable Type Housing Weight Dimension (mm) Karabiner Hook (mm)
HAS-9TA 9.00 m Steel rope Aluminium 5.0 kg 455 x 160 x 120 185
HAS-18TA 18.00 m Steel rope Aluminium 11.0 kg 580 x 232 x 135 185
HAS-30TA 30.00 m Steel rope Aluminium 17.0 kg 610 x 280 x 140 185
HAS-9E 9.00 m VA- rope Aluminium 5.0 kg 455 x 160 x 120 185
HAS-18E 18.00 m VA- rope Aluminium 11.0 kg 580 x 232 x 135 185
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