BELW Galvanised Proof Coil ChainRegular Link

BELW proof coil commercial chain is a non-rated chain, manufactured from low carbon steel and is for general purpose use only. “Proof coil” refers to the number of consistent links in any one length. This regular link proof coil chain is not suitable for lifting purposes, and has a hot dipped galvanised finish.

Product code Nominal Size S R F Finish m/100kg
100303 3mm 3mm 16.6mm 13.1mm Galvanised 534m/100kg
100303 4mm 3.9mm 20mm 15.6mm Galvanised 321m/100kg
100305 5mm 4.7mm 25mm 18mm Galvanised 230m/100kg
100306 6mm 6mm 27mm 24mm Galvanised 132m/100kg
100308 8mm 7.6mm 35.8mm 29.2mm Galvanised 86m/100kg
100310 10mm 9.5mm 43.4mm 34mm Galvanised 56m/100kg
100313 13mm 13mm 50mm 46mm Galvanised 28m/100kg
100316 16mm 15.8mm 60mm 56mm Galvanised 19m/100kg
100320 20mm 19.8mm 72mm 70mm Galvanised 12m/100kg
100324 24mm 25mm 90mm 85mm Galvanised 7.8m/100kg

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