Flatbed TruckTrailer Mini Edge Fall Protection System(TMEPS)

The Flat Bed Trailer Mini Edge Protection System (TMEPS)
is designed to fit and lock between a wide range of truck trailer combs and tie down rails. The design allows for quick and easy fitting to allow the operator safety when accessing the back of the trucks.

Each panel is 2.0m long and 1.3m high and with a weight of approx. 9kg which allows the unit to be easily picked up by 1 operator and positioned into place. The TMEPS is compliant with relevant Australian Standards as an approved barricade.

Product Code Description Size (Length x Height) metres Weight (kgs)
BTSLMN201 Truck Mini Edge Protection System 2.0 1.3 9.0
The Flat Bed Trailer Mini Edge Protection System (TMEPS) Parts Identification
BTSLMN201 Image with Dimensions
BTSLMN201 Installation Step-1


Turn the handle 90° so that the locking tabs fit between the combing and the tie rail.

BTSLMN201 Installation Step-2


Lift andmove int position

BTSLMN201 Installation Step-3


Position on combing rail

BTSLMN201 Installation Step-4


Rotate handle 90°

BTSLMN201 Installation Step-5


Lock handle

BTSLMN201 Installation Step-6


With both handles locked, the system is read for use

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