BELW CommercialGalvanised Wire Rope Grips(Pail)

Commercial Galvanised wire rope grips are a simple mechanical means for temporarily securing wire rope

  • Termination with a wire rope grip needs to be inspected regularly
  • Not to be used in lifting
  • Not to be used in live running ropes
  • Ideal for a temporary wire rope adjustment, guying and catenary systems
Product code Wire Diameter W C H A D B Finish Pail QTY
301203P 3mm 19.5mm 9mm 17mm 9.5mm 4mm 10.5mm Electro Galvanised 100
301205P 5mm 22.5mm 11mm 19mm 10mm 5mm 11mm Electro Galvanised 100
301206P 6mm 24mm 13mm 23mm 10.5mm 5mm 12mm Electro Galvanised 50
301208P 8mm 28mm 15mm 28mm 14mm 6mm 14mm Electro Galvanised 80
301210P 10mm 33mm 18.5mm 34mm 16mm 8mm 18mm Electro Galvanised 50
301213P 13mm 41mm 23mm 45mm 21mm 10mm 22mm Electro Galvanised 20
301216P 16mm 49mm 29.5mm 52mm 25mm 12mm 25mm Electro Galvanised 15
301220P 20mm 52mm 32mm 62mm 30mm 12mm 28mm Electro Galvanised 10
301222P 22mm 61mm 37mm 68mm 34mm 14mm 33mm Electro Galvanised 5
301225P 25mm 70mm 41mm 78mm 39mm 14mm 34mm Electro Galvanised 5
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