BELW Galvanised Wire Rope Thimblesto AS1138

Australian Standards Wire Rope Thimbles

  • AS Thimbles are recommended for heavy duty applications.
  • Conforms to AS1138
  • Made from heat treated high tensile steel material.
  • Sizes available are from 6mm to 48mm.
  • Used to reinforce the eye and protect the wire rope from damage from any lifting tackle or any other connection
  • Hot dip galvanised with yellow paint at the tips
  • Ideal to secure loop for wire rope where needed
  • Ideal for steel and fibre core wire rope
Product Code Wire Diameter A D H
312306 6mm 7mm 16mm 25mm
312308 8mm 7.9mm 22mm 33mm
312310 10mm 10.3mm 25mm 38mm
312311 11mm 12.7mm 29mm 41mm
312313 13mm 14.3mm 32mm 44mm
312314 14mm 15mm 32mm 46mm
312316 16mm 15.9mm 41mm 59mm
312320 20mm 21.6mm 52mm 75mm
312322 22mm 22.2mm 47mm 83mm
312324 24mm 25.4mm 64mm 92mm
312326 26mm 27mm 72mm 108mm
312328 28mm 28.6mm 76mm 112mm
312332 32mm 33.4mm 95mm 133mm
312335 35mm 38mm 105mm 152mm
312338 38mm 43mm 114mm 165mm
312345 45mm 47mm 127mm 187mm
312348 48mm 51mm 134mm 190mm

Dimensions (mm)  ± 5%

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