BELW Wire RopeFerrulesCopper

BELW copper type ferrules made to EN standard and mainly used for stainless steel wire rope to form an eye for wire rope slings, winch cable etc.

  • High quality ferrules and conforms to EN13411.
  • Copper hydraulic machine press type.
  • Sizes from 2mm to 20mm.
  • For turn-back wire rope splicing.
  • Stamped with identification mark.
Product Code Size a b c L
617402 2mm 2.2mm 4.4mm 0.9mm 7mm
617402A 2.5mm 2.7mm 5.4mm 1.05mm 9mm
617403 3mm 3.3mm 6.6mm 1.25mm 11mm
617403A 3.5mm 3.8mm 7.6mm 1.5mm 13mm
617404 4mm 4.4mm 8.8mm 1.7mm 14mm
617404A 4.5mm 4.9mm 9.8mm 1.9mm 16mm
617405 5mm 5.5mm 11mm 2.1mm 18mm
617406 6mm 6.6mm 13.2mm 2.5mm 21mm
617406A 6.5mm 7.2mm 14.4mm 2.7mm 23mm
617407 7mm 7.8mm 15.6mm 2.9mm 25mm
617408 8mm 8.8mm 17.6mm 3.3mm 28mm
617409 9mm 9.9mm 19.8mm 3.7mm 32mm
617410 10mm 10.9mm 21.8mm 4.1mm 35mm
617411 11mm 12.1mm 24.2mm 4.5mm 39mm
617412 12mm 13.2mm 26.4mm 4.9mm 42mm
617413 13mm 14.2mm 28.4mm 5.4mm 46mm
617414 14mm 15.3mm 30.6mm 5.8mm 49mm
617416 16mm 17.5mm 35mm 6.7mm 56mm
617418 18mm 19.6mm 39.2mm 7.6mm 63mm
617420 20mm 21.7mm 43.4mm 8.4mm 70mm
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