BELW Wire RopeFerrulesNickle Plated Copper

BELW nickle plated copper type ferrules are manufactured to DIN 3093.

  • High quality Ferrules and conforms to DIN 3039.
  • Hand pressed type with use of crimping tool.
  • Sizes from 1.6mm to 6mm.
  • For turn-back Wire Rope splicing.
  • Nickel plated to match rope colour.
Product Code Size a b c L
617416NP 1.6mm 1.8mm 3.6mm 1.05mm 6mm
617402NP 2mm 2.2mm 4.4mm 0.9mm 7mm
617402ANP 2.5mm 2.7mm 5.4mm 1.05mm 9mm
617403NP 3mm 3.3mm 6.6mm 1.25mm 11mm
617404NP 4mm 4.4mm 8.8mm 1.7mm 14mm
617405NP 5mm 5.5mm 11mm 2.1mm 18mm
617406NP 6mm 6.6mm 13.2mm 2.5mm 21mm
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